Pinchy’s passion for food ‘Made by Sea’ and knowing where their produce comes from underlies their goal of offering quality seafood, served well.


Feel good, eat mindfully.

It comes at a time where diners are increasingly becoming conscious of their impact on the environment by their food choices, especially with seafood and where it has been harvested. Our commitment to sustainable sourcing starts with directly working with fisheries in Maine and Alaska, USA, where their world-leading international and environmental standards does not just preserve this delicate finite resource we have for future generations, but offers the best in quality, taste and deliciousness. The naturally clean Atlantic waters off Maine and the pristine glacial icy waters of the Bering Sea in Alaska, free of pollution, industrial waste and over fishing makes their produce the most sort after and valuable seafood in the world.
So If you care about where your food comes from you’ll be happy to know that your lobster and King crab are sourced from sustainable fisheries in Maine and Alaska. Now you can enjoy the best lobster and King Crab in the world, without the guilty feels.

Approved by us!

Not just delicious and the best in our opinion, it meets the most stringent international environmental standards for seafood sustainability. From the fishing boat to processing
and right through to distribution, the mouthwatering lobster and king crab roll you just instagrammed gets the Pinchy’s tick of approval.
So go on, enjoy your lobster roll... the best outside of Maine!

Pinchy's Facts

From Maine to Melbourne.
Our Atlantic lobsters come from Maine, USA and our King Crab are caught off the coastal waters of Alaska, Aleutian Islands, and Kamchatka.

Sourced from single origin
System tracked - from production, process and distribution
Certified traceable

No overfishing
Non-endangered species
From marine protected areas

Atlantic lobster claws have sweeter and silkier meat
Alaskan King Crab comes from the pristine glacial icy waters of the Bering Sea.